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Welcome to Casa Locé, a blend of rare vintages and exclusive wine experiences.
Set across 14 acres of verdant rolling vineyards, our estate represents the pinnacle of winemaking excellence. Each grape is meticulously chosen and cultivated for its distinct personality, then aged in hand-coopered French Oak barrels hewn from the very forests planted by Napoleon.

This process yields a small but exceptional harvest and is a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting wines that are as unique as the land itself. At Casa Locé, every bottle is an homage to the captivating history of the iconic Ojai Valley viticulture.

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The Rustic Luxury of Ojai Valley

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The Terroir Magic of Casa Locé's Vineyards

Our viticulture is a symphony of nature and nuance. Here, the subtle dance of weather patterns, the intricate chemistry of our soil converge with our sustainable cultivation practices. Our harvesting techniques are timed to capture the essence of each grape at its peak. The art of picking and harvesting is executed with a grace and precision that honors both tradition and innovation. In the timeless tradition of Casa Locé, our wines are crafted not just for the present but for the ages. Each bottle is an heirloom, maturing gracefully over the years in the cellar, evolving into a more complex and refined expression with time. This enduring quality is a hallmark of our winemaking, an ode to the future as much as it is a tribute to the past.

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Master Viticulture 
at Casa Locé'

In the enchanting Ojai Valley, Casa Locé's wines are shaped by a land of poetic contrasts. Here, the vineyards, draped across diverse terrain, capture the essence of the valley's distinct microclimates. The terroir, with its rich and challenging soil, coaxes the vines into yielding grapes full of robust flavors. This magical valley, where warm days gracefully give way to cool nights, crafts grapes that ripen with balanced flavor and acidity. Reverently hand-harvested, each grape reflects the estate's dedication to tradition and care.

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Experience Elegance, Embrace Innovation

A Citadel
for Celebration

Our estate combines wild Ojai countryside with effortless California elegance, stimulating all the senses, and intertwined with a legacy that honors the land. Our commitment to organic practices enriches the soil, yielding grapes and cuisine of unparalleled quality. Here, celebration is an integral part of life, woven into every moment with reverence and joy. Embrace a world where taste, aroma, sight, touch, and sound come together. This is Ojai as it should be, as it once was.

While savoring Casa Locé's wine within the stunning vistas of Ojai Valley is an experience without compare, every bottle faithfully captures the true essence of our vineyards. We’re dedicated to preserving the spirit and flavor of our land, creating a farm-to-table connection that delivers the quintessential taste of Ojai.

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10065 N Ojai Rd, Ojai, CA 93023, US
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